CH Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark

CH Suttonpark Manifesto

CH Saranden Saboteur

Mileoak Cranberry fr.Suttonpark

Carpenny Far and Above

Lembas to the Moon and Back JW

Sh.Ch. Carpenny Rustina

C.I.B.,C.I.E. Angelina Queen´s joy

CH Jogi Sun in their eyes

Tapeatom Born a Star

X´Snow Queen Sun in their eyes

CH Zaira od Himalájského cedru

JCH Stretlaw Sea Biscuit

CH Peach od Himalájského cedru


C.I.B. and C.I.E

Grand Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Slovakia, Austria, Czech and Hungary

Junior Champion of Slovakia, Austria, Czech & Hungary

10 x BOB, 16 x CACIB, 2x res.CACIB, 6 x BOS, BIG 3, 2x res. BIG

♥ Best in Show ♥

BIS, 2 x BIS Puppy, BOB Puppy, 5 x BOJ, 3 x BIG Junior, TOP 2 Junior BIG, TOP 3 Junior BIG

Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2014, Victory Junior Winner 2013, Club Winner

2x Qualification for Cruft´s 2015, Qualification for Cruft´s 2014

working certificate


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born: 18.10.2012

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0 , full dentition

prcd/PRA : genotype clear , PRA/CAT/RD/CEA - clear (last examined - 11/2014)

EIC : genotype N/N clear ( twice examined, 6 weeks and 15 months, both results clear! )

HNPK : genotype N/N clear, Skeletal Dysplasia 2: genotype N/N clear

Inherited RD/OSD - Normal/Clear

Hereditary myopathy (CNM): genotype N/N clear

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) : genotype N/N clear

Degenerativna myelopatia and Narcolepsy: genotype N/N clear

color test: genotype eeBB - Yellow (Yy) (Does not carry Chocolate)

DNA profil - Laboklin

candidate for the title: Champion of Poland

Gusto - Video in 8 months

Show Date Rating Title Judge
2018 ! :-)
Club Show Retrievers Brno 08.09. exc.1 CC, Club Winner, BOB, BIS Mrs. Carol Reynolds/GB, Carromer kennel
Club show Austria - Grafenegg 25.09. ex1 CAC,BESt male - BOS Luis Pinto Teixeira -PT
Club show Czech-Horka 26.07. ex1 CAC,Club Winner J.R.Sauge - Mambrinos kennel
NDS Lúčenec 10.05. ex1 CAC, CACIB J.Matyas
NDS Hungary 11.04. ex1 CAC, BOB-HFGY, res.BIG Matyáš Jaroslav
IDS GRAZ 07.03. ex1 CACA, CACIB, Best male, BOS Jos De Cuyper, BEL
IDS Nitra 01.03. ex1 CAC, CACIB, BOS Julia BangoPrendes
IDS Nitra 27.02. ex1 CAJC, CACIB, BOS R.Opris
IDS Budapest 15.02. exc.1 CAC,CACIB,BOB ( C.I.E.) D.Witkowska/PL
IDS Brno 07.02. exc.1 CAC D.Piljevic
IDS Nitra 11.01. exc.1 CAC,res.CACIB, Slovak champion G.Ridarcikova
NDS Brno 03.01. exc.1 CAC Mr.Korda,Cz
IDS Wels Austria 6.& 7.12. exc.1,exc.2 CACA,res.CACA Mr.Thirlwell & Armstrong,GB
CLUB SHOW Grafenegg Austria 29.09.2014 exc.1 CACA Mr.Chris Hancock, kennel Hancourt/Irl
IDS Tulln 27.09.2014 exc.1 CACA Mrs.Angela Hancock, kennel Hancourt/Irl
IDS Innsbruck 24.08.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB Beate Ting, DE
IDS Bratislava 16.& 17.08.2014 exc. 1, ex.2 CAC, res.CAC B.Arnd,Ca & F.Mijo,Slo 09.08.2014 exc. 1 Reg.winner, BIS 3. male G.Ridarčíková, V.Staviarska
NDS Pl, Nowy Targ 20.07.2014 exc. 1 CWC B.S.Polanczyk PL
NDS Szombathelly Hungary 12.07.2014 exc. 1 CAC, BOB Brankovic Zoran, Srb.
IDS Velka Ida 06.07.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB, BOB Judit Béke, Hu
IDS Brno Cz 21.06.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB, CAC CMKU Simek F., CZ
IDS Krakow 15.06.2014 exc. 1 CAC, res.CACIB Tripoli Salvatore ,IT
NDS Raciborz Pl 08.06.2014 exc. 1 CAC L.Salomon PL
IDS Nitra 01.06.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB , BOB , CRUFT´s Qualification 2015 Levente Miklos - Hu
IDS Nitra 31.05.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB , BOB , Grand Prix Slovakia Winner, res.BIG Davor Javor - Hr, D.Witkowska - Pl
NDS Senec 30.05.2014 exc. 1 CAC Janega Štefan, kennel Biely agát
IDS Wieselburg 17.05.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB & BOS Günther Ehrenreich
IDS Hungary 20.04.2014 exc. 1 CAC, CACIB & Qualification for CRUFT 2015 Beke Judit
NDS Zabrze 6.4. exc. 2 junior class Ryk Jan
Victory Show - Champ. of Champ.2013 28.03. exc. 1 CAC, Victory Junior Winner 2013, BIG Junior Petr Řehánek
Club show 28.03. exc. 1 CAC Beppe Masia, Masialab kennel
CACIB Nitra 29.03. exc. 1 CAC Grzegorz Weron
CACIB Brno 23.02.2014 exc.1 CAC, CACIB Miloš Kašpar
CACIB Budapest 16.02.2014 exc.1 CAC,CACIB Judit Béke
CACIB Budapest 15.02.2014 exc.1 CAC,CACIB Atilla Czeglédi
CACIB Trenčín 18.01.2014 exc.1 CAC,CACIB,BOB Viera Vítková
CAC Poland 19.01.2014 exc.2 in junior cl. Moa Person,SWE
CACIB Wels 08.12.2013 exc.1 Jugendbester, Best male, BOS Theo Leenen
CACIB Nitra 30.11.2013 exc.1 CAJC, TOP 3 Junior BIG Natasa Davidovic, V.Piskay of retr. Nitra 29.11.2013 exc.1 CAJC Nenad Davidovic
CACIB Praha 03.11.2013 exc. 1 CAJC, BOJ Lenka Malíková , Sable Blues kennel
CACIB Bratislava 27.10.2013 exc. 1 CAJC,BIG Junior Petr Studeník, Gabika Ridarčíková
CACIB Bratislava 26.10.2013 exc. 1 CAJC Lenka Frnčová
CACIB Hungary 19.10.2013 exc. 1 CAJC - Junior Winner, Qualification for CRUFT 2014 Paunovic Dusan
CACIB Tulln 20.10.2013 exc. 1 CAJC - Junior Winner Judit Béke
CAC Rybnik PL 05.10.2013 exc. 1 CAJC, BOJ , Best of Breed Leszek Salamon
CACIB Tulln 28.09.2013 exc. 2 junior class Richard Edwards - Lasgarn kennel/GB
CACIB Hungary-Hodmézovásarhely 08.09.2013 exc. 1 HPJ, BOJ , Best of Breed , BIG Junior, BIG 3. J.Matyáš,Lászlo Erdos,T.Bosnjak
CAC Brno 07.09.2013 exc. 1 CAJC Stanovský
CACIB Bratislava 17.08.2013 exc. 1 CAJC L.Voláriková
CACIB Bratislava 18.08.2013 exc. 2 M.Stanovský
CACIB Innsbruck 10.08.2013 exc. 1 CAJC, Jugendbester Petru Muntean
CACIB PL Zakopane 04.08.2013 exc. 1 CAJC,BOB Junior ,BIG Junior 2 Korosz A./Hu and Mr.Řehánek Cz
CACIB Mladá Boleslav 20.07.2013 exc. 1 CAJC, BOB Junior MVDr.Gabriela Ridarčíková/Sk
CACIB Szombathely 14.07.2013 VP 1 TOP 5 BIS Puppy L.Voláriková/SK...
Club show FCI 8 - Rychety Praha 13.07.2013 VP 1 BOB & BIS Puppy MVDr.Šimek/Cz a Mrs.I.Grill/ A
CAC Nitra 02.06.2013 VP 1 Kašpar M./Cz
Club show retrievers - Konopište 01.06.2013 VP 1 Top 3 BIS Puppy Richard Edwards - Lasgarn kennel/GB
CAC Zalaegerszég 26.05.2013 VP 1 best puppy Kardos V./Hu
World club show LR - Tata 18.05.2013 VP 2 T.Floyd - Trenow kennel/GB
CACIB Košice 11.05.2013 VP 1 BIS Puppy MVDr.Piskay/SK
CACIB Praha 04.05.2013 VP 1 A.Krútská/Cz
CAC Pápa 06.04.2013 VP 1 TOP 5 BIS Baby A.Korosz/Hu
KVR 22.02.2013 VP 3 Mrs.A.Hancok /Irl

From reviews of Gusto

good yellow dog, very good outline, strong head, nice forechest, well angulated front and back, good depth of chest and spring rib, good hind quarters, moved realy well

Mr.Chris Hancock,Hancourt kennel - Club show Grafenegg

yellow with excellent pigmentation, nice clean neck and shoulder placement, very good topline and tailset, good depth, very good angulation, very good on the move

Mrs.Angela Hancock,Hancourt kennel - CACIB Tulln

13 months old, a strong dog, good proportions, a masculine head with dark eyes, complete scissor bite, well set ears, good neck shoulder topline, correct tail, very well angulated, very strong bone, good feet and pastern, very strong body, not in top coat at this moment, moving well, best dog

Mr. Theo Leenen, CACIB Wels

pleasing outline, clean, masculine head, nice expression, good dark eye, strong neck and set into good shoulders, excellent bone, feet ok, nice ribs, good quarters, good coat and tail, moved well, he should develop nicely, well handled

Mr. Richard Edwards, CACIB Tulln