region, near Golden Moravce, lies the village of Choča . Together with my husband we live here and we take care great love with this amazing breed, which brought together our lives.

My husband had the first Labrador in 1996, I a few years later - the early in 2005th. His experiences with breeding are me very useful, as well as for training, as did several years trainer in the Slovak retriever club .

Very thank him for help and advice I need and sometimes I wish that our kennel ,z Choče´ reared animals are healthy and strong.It's not easy, but I try...

Labrador z chočeLabrador z choče

Why Labrador?

Usually choosing a breed that suits your fancy, you have to harmonize, or the lifestyle.

I personally can not choose lab , he chose me! My first two Labrador - Buddy and Arthur, were donated for me, and I for these two dog incredibly grateful that I have shown how the breed is exceptional ! ... not in vain says :

Where Labrador paw comes, they do not want another dog :-)))

Cheerful, intelligent, peaceful with a certain amount of temperament, industrious, loyal, a friend at all times, so no doubt the labrador retriever.

Labrador z choče

My husband had first labrador yellow dog of Amon Homokedu - Amko, born in 1996, a beautiful yellow dog but at the time it was required teeth are missing, and so could not be Amko breeding ...

In 1999, was born Bruno, Bruno Sen Sibyl - yellow stud dog with an excellent temperament, hunting, had such a zest for life ... but fate is sometimes cruel .. Brunko ... died in five years ...

My husband did not hesitate and bought his daughter - Brita - Britny spod Vápenného vrchu , which in early 2006 was born out of our amazing Arbus z Choče.

Meanwhile / 2001 / in the kennel Aldamity was born our unique and unforgettable - Daisy - First Lady Aldamity, which is the key of our chocolate puppies by z Choče !

Labrador z choče

After this excellent bitch we plan to let from her last litter , successor Chiara and believe that it will be as successful as her mom - Daisy.

Labrador retriever is an amazing and magical breed , and we behave in all three standard colors - chocolate, yellow and black. If you want to know all of our dogs, here you are, you are welcome to our site!

Labrador z choče