archive year 2013

Happy, peaceful and prosperous new year for all our friends & good people ♥

08.12.- IDS Wels, Austria

Gusto - ex.1 Jugendbester, Best Male , Best of Opposite Sex

Thank you judge from Belgium: Mr. Theo Leenen

13 months old, a strong dog, good proportions, a masculine head with dark eyes, complete scissor bite, well set ears, good neck shoulder topline, correct tail, very well angulated, very strong bone, good feet and pastern, very strong body, not in top coat at this moment, moving well, best dog

06.12. ♥

30.11. & 01.12. - IDS Nitra

show in saturday Gusto & sunday Grace with lovely results!

Gusto - ex.1 CAJC,in TOP 3 Junior BIG FCI 8 !

Grace - ex.1 CAC , CACIB , Best Opposite Sex - IDS in sunday

Thank you judges: Vladimír Piskay & Natasa Davidovic !

Big THANKS for my really friends & my son, for care of puppies ♥

29.11. - Special Show of Retrievers

KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choče - ex.1 CAJC

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - ex.1 CAC

Thank you judge : Nenad Davidovic

03.11. - IDS Praha

KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choče - ex.1 CAJC, Junior Best of Breed
Video - the Best Junior , male & female

Gusto is now, Czech Junior Champion

Congratulation Gusto & thank you judge: Lenka Malíková, Sable Blues kennel

My big Thanks for my friend Sonka, which is excellently looked after my puppies, mum Chiarka and all my labs ♥ Thank you, my friend !

26.10. & 27.10. - 2x IDS - Duo Danube Bratislava

KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choce - both days: excellent 1 CAJC

Junior Best In Group FCI 8 !

Gusto, now, Junior Champion of Slovakia

22.10.- our Chiara was born 9 sweet chocolates

Childbirth lasted eight hours, without any complications

Puppies are like little bears, all have a birth weight 400-490 g :-)

19.10. & 20.10. - CACIB Hungary

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - both day: ex.1 CAJC , Junior Winner

and Quailification for CRUFT 2014

he is now , Junior Champion of Hungary , we are happy !

Nina - excellent 2 , congrats. our honey

Thank you judges : D.Paunovic & Judith Béke

18.10. - We Wish You all the BEST ♥ KISS ME litter !

our big mum, Chiara :-) 48.-51. day

.... with love remember ...

Today - 10.10. - it is three years, when forever left our Daisy ♥

05.10.CAC Poland - Hunting dog show Rybnik

our Gusto in junior class :ex.1 CAJC, BOB Junior & Best of Breed

Thank you judge: Mr.Leszek Salamon

05.10. - Hunting exam , our beloved Grace

passed successfully the hunting exam, led by my friend Simonka, thank you girls, you're great!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend my friends ! Barbara with Dona z Choce and her son ,Axel with owner Andrea, for success in exams and beautiful pictures by Sonka !

We had a lovely visit Kiss me Stuart Little ♥ Thank you for your super care of Stuart !

28.09.- IDS Tulln Austria

Kiss me DOLCE GUSTO - excellent 2 in the junior class

pleasing outline, clean, masculine head, nice expression, good dark eye, strong neck and set into good shoulders, excellent bone, feet ok, nice ribs, good quarters, good coat and tail, moved well, he should develop nicely, well handled

Thank you for nice words for my youngster boy , judge: Mr. R.Edwards - Lasgarn kennel UK

Thank you for lovely photos :)

01.12.2004 - 22.09.2013

ICH Z Double Silk Sun in their eyes - died in my arms today morning....

... when even the most ordinary photo becomes the most precious ...

R.I.P. Buddy

I can not express in words the pain ....goodbye...

...goodbye my beloved Angel - my Buddy.... you really fought valiantly...

I love you forever !!! Thank you so much for everything !!

...If you carry in yourself sky, you can find it my Buddko ♥

14.09.- NDS Lúčenec

Kiss me MILKY WAY z Choce - ex.1 CAJC

Nina has only 10 months and she is now Junior Champion of Slovakia !

... so the reward in the MC Donalds :-)))

...thank you judge: Mr. M.Kašpar and my friends Sonka and Andrea - congrats to you too!

08.09. - IDS Hungary

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - ex.1 HPJ , Best Junior

Best of Breed, Junior Best of Group and Best In Group 3.

Kiss me Milky Way - ex.1 HPJ

Both, have thus become candidates for the Hungarian junior champion.

We are a proud of our labs ♥ Congratulations !!!

Thank you so much judges: Mr.J.Matyáš ,Mr.Erdős László and Mr.Bosnjak T.

07.09. - NDS Brno CZ

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - ex.1 CAC, she is candidate for another title

Gusto - ex. 1 CAJC

Thank you judges: Mr.Stanovský M.

18.08. - 24.08.

Holiday with Retrievers - friends and our dogs, fun, dog training...

Thank you my dears, it was great again, like every year, I hope next time

17. and 18.8. - IDS Bratislava

Kiss me Milky Way - ex.1 CAJC and ex.1 CAJC

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - ex.1 CAJC , ex. 2

Thank you judges: Mrs. Linda Volarikova and Mr. Stanovský

10.08. - CACIB Innsbruck

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - ex.1 Jugendbester

Kiss me Milky Way - ex.2

Thank you judge: Petru Muntean

04.08. - CACIB Poland - Zakopane

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - ex.1 CWC, CACIB

Kiss me Milky Way - ex.2 in the young class

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - ex.1, CAJC , BOBJunior and BIG Junior 2

Many thanks my son - Rastislav and both judges: Mr.A.Koros from Hungary, Mr.Řehánek from Czech !

It was very hot day, but hilarious :-D

20.07. - CACIB Mladá Boleslav

It was a premiere in youth class :)

Kiss me Dolce Gusto Z Choče - ex. 1 CAJC, Best of Breed Junior

Kiss me Milky Way Z Choče - ex. 3 from 8 female

On Sunday our Nina passed breeding testing it with great results - the 1st prize.

full points - it´s handy girl :-)

13.07. - Club show FCI 8 - Prague

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - Best of Breed Puppy , Best In Show Puppy !

first time about best couple....we did not win, but it was great for us

Thank you judges : MVDr.Šimek and Mrs.Ingrid Grill from Austria , and my sons for beautiful day :)

14.07.- CACIB Szombathely

Gusto - VP 1 , TOP 5 BIS Puppy !

Chiara Z Choče - ex. 1 CAC, res. CACIB

22. & 23.06.

What a weekend for my chocolate girls !

Saturday - Hungary - Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - Best of Breed and Reserve BIG !

Sunday - Poland - Chiara z Choče - Best of Breed and Reserve BIG !

Angelinka - res.CAC in Hungary , ex.1 CAC in Poland

Many thanks for judges : Koros Andas and Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk Wierzchowska

Thank you Silvia Hanová for beautiful saturday day and my kids for sunday day , and of course, my beloved girls ! ♥, Chiara and Angelinka - New Polish Champion !

02.06. - IDS Nitra

our young Grace - first time in the middle class

ex.1 , CAC, CACIB , CRUFTs Qualification and BOS !

Thank you so much , judge: Mr.Milos Kaspar , CZ and many thanks again Mette for her !!!

01.06. - Club Show Konopište - rain, but lovely day :-)

judge for male LR : Richard Edwards, Lasgarn kennel and judge for bitch : Mrs.Chris Bailiss ,Tissalian kennel

...and our Gusto was in TOP 3 BIS Puppy :-) Thank you so much !

26.05. - NDS Hungary

our Angelinka - CAC, Best of Breed and BIG 3!

Kiss me Dolce Gusto - very promising 1, Best Puppy and judge said:

..but for me today is the Best of Breed - puppy dog - Kiss me Dolce Gusto :-))

I am so happy and proud of my all labs , thank you judge :Mr.Kardos Vilmos,Hu!

Congratulation my friend, Sonka and her lab - Arthur and thank you for lovely day and photos !

18. and 19.05. - Lovely weekend

in Poland - Kiss me Milky Way - Best Puppy !

Chiara z Choče - CAC, Best working dog

Angelina Queen´s joy - mother our Kiss me babies - CAC, Best Bitch and BOB !!

Many thanks judges: Mrs. Boguslawa Szydlowicz Polanczyk

in Hungary - World Club Show for LR - our Gusto - very promissing 2- puppy class

I am really happy and congrats my beloved labs !

Thank you judge: Mr. Tony Floyd , Trenow kennel - GB

11.05. - IDS Košice

KISS ME DOLCE GUSTO z Choče - Best In Show PUPPY !

Super weekend, I'm very happy and many ,many thanks my great friends !!!

Thank you judge: Mr.Piskay.

From litter K - Kiss me Stuart Litle z Choče

Many thanks for sweet photo by adorable Stuart :-)

02.03. - IDS Graz Austria

Angelina Queen´s joy - ex.1 CACA , she is now Austria champion

Chiara z Choče - ex.2 res. CACA, res.CACIB

Arthur Brubardony/ by Dona z Choče /- ex.1 CACA, res.CACIB

Big congrats our sweet hearts ♥

26.02. X-ray, best result !

Our import from Denmark - Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory

HD A/A , ED 0/0

Congratulations Grace and Lab Lodur´s kennel !

23.2. - IDS Nitra

CHIARA z Choče - CAC, CACIB, Best opposite sex

thank you judge : Viera Vítková

IDS Nitra - 24.2. - ARTHUR Brubardony - by DONA z Choče - CAC,CACIB, BOS

thanks judge Janka Janek

... and our KISS ME MILKY WAY z Choče - TOP 5 in BIS Baby !

I am very pleased and thank you very much ♥

ARTHUR Brubardony - by DONA z Choče, big congrats owner Sonja and breeder Barbara !

15.02. - FeHoVa - Budapest CACIB

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory- ex.1 Hungaria Primus Junior, BEST JUNIOR

Chiara z Choče - ex.1 CAC, CACIB and She has satisfied the conditions for Hungary Champion and an International Champion of Beauty and International show Champion

Thank you judge : Victor Lobakin / Ru

Thank you my beloved girls ♥♥

During the 4-day exhibition in Budapest twice showing our offspring with excellent results

Kiss me Sandyman z Choče - 2x Best Baby and top 7 in BIS! Big congratulations Fanni and Mica, Well done ♥

Beautiful greetings from Greece, KISS ME SILVER Sue z Choče - Kami ♥

Best Baby!

I am proud and Big Congrats and Thanks Kami, Thomi a Afroditi!

Beautiful greetings and photos from Holland by KISS ME SILVER MIST z Choče - Misty ♥

a slideshow with beautiful pictures of MISTY

Thank you Brigitte, Bernard and Misty!

Great NEWS :-)

Our breeding - KISS ME OLD SMOKEY z Choče - the First Show - the First Success !

Moris - the Best Baby (all there were 4 boys and 3 girls)

judge: SANTOS Augusto Benedicto / PH

Big Congratulations to Russia , Olga and Moris ♥ /Olaris kennel/

BIG hugs for to all labs Z Choce ♥

Show season 2013 started with a beautiful result!

26.01.2013 - IHA Trenčín - Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - Ex.1 CAJC , 3rd Best In Show Junior !/

Big Thank Lab Lodur´s kennel and Grace ♥

She is now : Junior Champion of Slovakia

Thank you for lovely photos

Thank you judges Mr.Spoljarič and Mr.Matyáš

New photos our labs ♥

16.01.2013 - DualCh Arbus z Choče - 7 years old!

Happy Birthday our lovely boy ♥