30.12. - Super news for the end 2014 !

We expect Chocolate Puppies ♥

06.- 07.12. - IDS Wels, Austria

Kimy - Best in show Puppy !!!

GUSTO - ex.1 CACA, ex.2 res.CACA

judges: John Thirlwell a Moray Armstrong from UK

judge for final comp.: Nemanja Jovanovic, SRB

Thank you so much and very well done our hearts !!!


nice trip in Poland

more info in planned puppies

28.11. - Special show of retrievers

NIGHT LIMITED EDITION z Choce - Best of Breed Puppy

KISS ME DOLCE GUSTO z Choce - won open class with CAC

Many thanks to judge: Gabriela Ridarcikova

29.11. - IDS Nitra

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce - ex. 1 CAJC - Junior Winner

Layla is now, Junior Champion of Slovakia !

Many thanks and congratulations our clever labs !!!

judge: Märki Casanova Beatrix, thank you so much!

we are planning chocolate puppies ♥

more info


Happy Birthday, our beloved Angelinka ♥

31.10.- 02.11.

18.10. - NDS Hungary, Kaposvar

NIGHT HIGHWAY EDITION z Choce ( Rose ) very promising 1, best baby

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce , Layla - ex.1 HPJ, Best Junior, Best of Breed, Best of Group 3. !

Many congrats. our girls ♥

Thank you to judge, Erdos Laszlo and final competitions , Zlatko Kraljic

Today celebrates 2nd birthday our Gusto and all litter Kiss me ! Happy Birthday ♥♥♥

11.& 12.10. - 2x CACIB Komárom, HUNGARY

NIGHT LIMITED EDITION z Choce ( Kimy ) 2x very promising, 2x Best Minor Puppy

Best in Show minor puppy 3.place ♥

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce - excellent 3 in junior class, saturday VG

LADY HOT CHOCOLATE z Choce - excellent 2 in junior class

Congratulations our young girls !

Thank you to judge: Mr.Kuplyauskas Eugeny,Ru & Mr.Marko Lepasaar,Est

04.10.& 05.10. - DUODANUBE CACIB Show, Bratislava

Kimy go again, she won again, BIS baby from all breed !!!

Thank you for a lovely lovely words for her from to judge: Milos Kaspar and final competitions Elizabeth Gonzales from Gibraltar

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce, Layla - ex.1 CAJC & ex.2 in junior class

Many thanks my friend Silvia and Sonka for a funny weekend :-)

and of course, Big congratulations our darlings !!!

27.09.& 28.09. - IDS Tulln & ÖRC Retriever Festival Grafenegg, Austria

KISS ME DOLCE GUSTO z Choce - both days was won open class with 2x CACA

Lab Lodurs GRACE of GLORY - both days in working class - 2x CACA

and our lovely Kim in sunday in very strong baby class /10/ - very promising 4.

Thank you to judge Mrs. Angela & Mr.Chris Hancock, kennel Hancourt !

Many thanks organizers of the show for a wonderful day in Grafenegg!!

links for results from both shows

18.09.- 21.09. - little training and relax with our dogs and friends

link na Slovenský športový klub retrieverov

13.09.- Intern. Hunting test - JSR

Lab Lodur´s GRACE of GLORY - in 1.prize

Thank you to judge: Mr.Konečný a Mr.Balog

Big congrats., Grace !

14.09.- IDS Lucenec

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce - ex.1 CAJC

Congratulation, Layla !

Thank you to judge: Mrs.Lenka Frnčová, Cz

07.09.- IDS Hungary

successful trip with our two chocolate girls

Lab Lodurs GRACE of GLORY - ex.1 CAC, CACIB & BOS - she finished title C.I.B. and C.I.E. !..Also Hungary champion :-)..

LADY GET LUCKY z Choce - ex.1 HPJ Junior winner, Best junior

Grace has two and half years. Many thanks Lab Lodur´s kennel, for this amazing girl ♥, we are so proud of her !

Thank you to judge: Mr. Polgar Andras

24.08.- IDS Innsbruck

Our Show Team, Grace, Gusto and Arthúr


Lab Lodurs GRACE of GLORY - ex.2 res.CACA

Arthur Brubardony - ex.1 CACA / by DONA z Choce /

Many thanks to judge: Mrs.Beate Ting, DE

Thank you my dear friend , Sonka, for happy day :-))

results from this show

16.08. & 17.08.- Internationale dog Show Bratislava

I am thrilled ! What a started our NIGHT LIMITED EDITION z Choce - Kimy

Kimy, was both days ** Best in Show Baby **!!!

Gusto - winner of open class with CAC, and res.CAC

Many, many thanks to judges for final competitions: Mrs. Linda Volarikova and Mr. Javorcik !!

Thank you so much for a lovely photos - Arkadiusz Środecki from Poland and SHOWDOG.CZ !

I am happy, happy :-)))

09.08.- Regional dog Show

our little Kim had show premiere and she went in her parents' footsteps :)

Kim - Best in Show Baby

Gusto - regional winner, Best in Show male 3. place

lovely sunny day :)

Thank you judges: MVDR Gabika Ridarčíková a Mgr.Vierka Staviarska

20.07.- NDS Nowy Targ, Poland

a little gift from Poland-show for our princesses :)

Congrats Grace and Gusto !

Both our labs was winners of class with title - CWC

Grace is now, Poland Champion, she is Multichampion

Rozhodca: Boguslawa Szydlowicz Polancyk

12.07.- Night show in Hungary - Szombathely

GUSTO - Best of Breed ( open class )

Congratulations Gusto ♥ you doing well...

Thank you to judge Zoran Brankovic from Serbia.

new photos of Gusto

05.07. & 06.07. - Well Days !

05.07.- Yeah, our lovely Grace has made Special Water Exams in 1.prize

Big Congratulations our dear Grace ♥

06.07. - IDS Kosice

KISS ME DOLCE GUSTO z Choce - ex.1 CAC , CACIB , BOB ( open class )

Arthur Brubardony - ex.1 CAC in champion class

Congratulations our clever boys, and thank you so much to judge: Judit Beke Sunnyfields Goldens

Thank you for nicely day my friend, Sonka / on the photo :) /

our pretty girls by Angelinka - 9 weeks



21.06. - IDS Brno
*Lab Lodur´s GRACE of GLORY*

ex. 1 CAC , res.CACIB, Grace became the Champion of Czech !



Thank you to judge, Simek Frantisek and many congrats. to both of our labs, xx

on the photo our Gusto and Grace with my son, Matus ♥

..we have summer in its full beauty ♥

15.06. - IDS Krakow PL


ex.1 CAC , res.CACIB

Good job, Gusto, congratulation !

judge: Salvatore Tripoli - IT

Our * M * puppies in new homes, thank you so much for a lovely photos :)


What a lovely days !

3 days, 3 shows - 2x IDS, 1x NDS


during 3 days - 3x winner of class, 2x CACIB, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2014, second qualication CRUFT´s 2015, 2x Best of Breed & res. BIG !

Grace showing only two days, sunday was ex.2,res. CAC, but in friday she went full throttle :-D

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory, 30.05. - ex.1 CAC, Winner of Slovakia 2014, Best of Breed & res. BIG !

She is became Grand champion of Slovakia

Lady Get Lucky z Choce - very promising 1, very promising 2

Thank you so much to all judges:

Štefan Janega/Sk, Ľudovít Janek/Sk, Davor Javor/Hr, Dorota Witkowska/Pl, Miklos Levente/Hu

Was a lovely 3 days with our dear friends and their lovely labs ♥

some photos from ring :-)


father Gusto with his daughter

Gusto´s offsprings


17.05. - IDS Wieselburg - Austria

ex.1 CACA, CACIB, Best Male, Best of Opposite Sex

judge: Günther Ehrenreich , many thanks !

Now, he became Junior Champion of Austria, photo is from show hall !


May 2014 new photos


our lovely Chiara - 6 months after birth puppies again in full her power


20.04. CACIB Hungary

KISS ME DOLCE GUSTO z Choce - ex.1 CAC, CACIB & Qualification for Cruft's 2015

Many thanks for handling my dear friend, Sonka Cervenakova !!

Thank you judge: Judit Beke Sunnyfields Goldens kennel from Hungary !

We are at home, with mother of Gusto , fought also :-) and were born two lovely girls.

I am grateful for this great day ♥

two beautiful princesses from Angelina and Boss


Happy Easter!


We have yellow and black puppies


05.04. CAC Hungary - KISS ME Sandyman z Choce - ex.1 HPJ, Best Junior, BOJ, BOB, BIG 3 !!!

Big congratulations Fanni a Mica !!!

06.04. CAC Poland - KISS ME Dolce Gusto - ex.2 in junior class, judge: Jan Ryk, Pl

Many thanks, Sebastian, for nice photos !


28. a 29.03.

28.03. VICTORY SHOW - Champion of Champions 2013

KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choce - Victory Junior Winner 2013, Best in Group Junior 1.!

Many thanks to judge: Petr Řehánek. Big congratulations, our Dolce Gusto !

29.03. - IDS Nitra

Lab Lodur´s GRACE Of GLORY - ex.1, CAC, CACIB , Best of Breed

KISS ME Dolce Gusto - ex.1 CAC

judge: Grzegorz Weron from Poland, thank you very much! Well done, GRACE !

28.03. - Club show

Lab Lodur´s GRACE Of GLORY - ex.1, CAC

KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choce - ex.1, CAC

LADY Get Lucky z Choce - very promising 3.

judge: Beppe Masia , Masialab kennel , thank you and congratulations our friends !

Well done, Sonka & Layla ♥

30.03.- NDS Budapest

KISS ME Sandyman z Choce - V1 HPJ, Best Junior, BOJ !

Big congratulation Mica & Fanni !!!



Our Angie is HNPK clear N/N !



Happy Birthday to you , our beloved Giselle ♥ today 5 years

...and she will also be a mom in the next month ;)


23.02. - IDS Brno

KISS ME Dolce Gusto Z Choče - ex.1 CAC & CACIB

Lab Lodur´s Grace of Glory - ex.2 res.CAC

Thank you judge: Mr. Miloš Kašpar from Czech

Congratulations Gusto & Grace , Happy Birthday our lovely Grace ♥


15.02. & 16.02. - IDS Budapest

KISS ME Dolce Gusto Z Choče - 2x CAC & 2x CACIB !

Congratulation our Gusto ! Thank you so much judges from Hungary - J.Beke & A. Czegledi !


funny days with our dogs & friends

and finally :-)


24.01. - We got health results our Gusto

19.01. - KISS ME Dolce Gusto z Choce - stud dog


18.01. - IDS Trenčín

Gusto - ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB ♥

Grace - ex.1 CAC , CACIB

Many thanks for judge: Viera Vítková

Grace now Slovakia champion of Beauty

& Gusto became candidate for International Champion of Beauty in at 15 months

Congratulations !

19.01.- NDS Poland

Gusto - ex.2 junior class & Grace - ex.1 CWC

Thank you judge: Mrs.Moa Person,Sweden


16.01.- Happy Birthday ARBUS z Choce ♥

today our Arbusko 8 years, many health our handy boy !

Champion of Beauty & Champion of Work


04.01.- NDS Brno

KISS ME Milky Way - Ninka - ex.1 , CAJC, from 10 junior female

mom Angelinka - ex.1 , CAC, now she is GRAND Champion of Czech

Big congratulation our girls & many thanks judge: Mrs. Linda Volarikova